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Have you ever Needed Healing And It Just Seemed Like Nothing Would Work?

You Probably Find Yourself Asking Questions Like...

Did I Sin?

Is It Not His Will?

Am I Praying Wrong?

Is God Listening?

Do I Have Enough Faith?

The Message...

We operate from the right side of the cross where everything in already paid for: SALVATION, HEALING, GRACE, MERCY, WHOLENESS, PROSPERITY, PEACE...

Who Is Ryan Edberg?

He is the co-founder of the Kingdom Movement, a parent organization to multiple platforms such as Voice of God Conference, Kingdom Youth Conference, True Beauty Women Conference, and Kingdom Worship Tours. He functions as an owner/operator for most of these individual platforms. After nearly two decades of touring with some of the most prominent Christian bands and artists in the world, Ryan achieved five #1 singles including a worship EP as the lead singer of his rock band, Silverline. In recent years he has formed a number of successful management-based organizations that specialize in multi-city events and tours as well as artist management. Today, Ryan is a respected leader and consultant in the...

We Would Love To Hear From You!!!

If you are in need of prayer, have questions, or would like me to speak in your area, don't hesitate to reach out.